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Nail Technology & Techniques Workshops Monday 3rd September The easy way to book is on-line using the Buy Now boxes. However, if you experience any problems you can pay by EFT using the details below: TE Trade Events FNB Wierda Valley. Account number: 62055606671, Branch Code: 260950. Please use your name as a reference and send an email to debtors@tetradeevents.com advising us of the number of tickets. 9:30 – Registration   10:00 – 10:15 Introduction   10:15 – 10:30 SAAHSP - Introduction to SAAHSP & their function in the beauty industry as the Professional Body for the Skin, Body and Nail care Industry. They are a Non Profit Organisation serving its members and the Beauty, Somatology, Spa and Wellness Profession and Industry as the professional body in South Africa. Their aim is to foster the advancement of education and professionalism in the health and skincare industry. No Charge   10:30 – 11:15 Nail Innovations The nail industry has seen incredible advances in technology, innovation and education over the years; with nail products and systems, which are constantly evolving due to the constant growth of the global nail market, consistently introducing new exciting ground breaking technology.   An instructive and educational talk about the latest developments in the nail industry and the latest in a Liquid & Powder systems, with some awe-inspiring techniques demonstrated by Intl Nail Expert and celebrity stylist.   11:15 – 12:00 The Abnormal Nail                                                                    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have perfect nails, with a number of factors that can affect them, leading to disorders and disease of the nail causing it to become abnormal. Proper professional nail care and services can be very beneficial when performed professionally. A revealing talk about what affects your nails, and a fascinating demonstration of how you can help a client without a toenail regain her confidence, with a unique technique to achieve a perfectly pretty pedicure.   12:00 – 13:00  Lunch break 13.00 – 13:45 "It's not just your skill that is important in ensuring you provide a good professional service, but most importantly having a vast knowledge and a good, sound understanding about everything that there is to know about nails, nail products, techniques and trends. No matter if you’re doing basic manicures, nail enhancements, nail coatings or nail art, it all goes back to proper education and knowledge. 14:00 – 14:45 Nail Nurture - Natural Nail Care & Therapy  Along with the phenomenal growth in the industry with nail enhancements and coatings, there is also the need for safe effective nail services and treatments, which has been recognized. With a range of various nail care treatments and techniques which have made their appearance to nurture and maintain the health of the natural nail, offering clients the reassurance and peace of mind that their services can be customised accordingly. An eye opening talk and demonstration, that shows you how to achieve a safe effective treatment.   15:00 – 15:45 Top Talon Trends & Shapes As the nail industry grows with some of the most popular trends, colours and styles which, have influenced the industry over the years. It has become evermore interesting, contributing endless possibilities to creating the most incredible up to date fashion for nails.. Talented international guest Nail stylist will be show casing the newest and latest trends that are making an appearance on the nail scene, with some of his amazing techniques.
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